CPDI recommends measures for inclusive, transparent budgeting

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PESHAWAR: Center for Peace and Development Initiative (CPDI) has released its 4th annual report on the state of budget transparency in Pakistan. The report identifies and recommends measures for enhancing transparency, accountability, and public participation in the planning, formulation, and execution of the budget in the country.

The report was launched during a dialogue on budget making and execution from citizens’ perspective here the other day, where a wide range of CSOs, academia, media persons, government officials, former MPAs and elected representatives participated.

Amer Ejaz, Director of CPDI’s Budget Study Centre and author of the report while sharing the methodology, scope and assessment framework remarked that due to the ongoing political crisis and caretaker governments in Punjab and KP this year, the entire budget-making process was not followed.

Moonus Kayinat Zahra, Project Manager CPDI, opined that in addition to engaging citizens and vulnerable groups in the budget formulation process, their involvement in budget monitoring was essential, adding that effective budget monitoring required transparency, accountability, and a feedback mechanism.

Rather than assigning grades or ranks, the report has focused on identifying the areas of deficiency, non-transparency, and room for improvement across the various budgeting stages. A unique feature of this report is the inclusion of international best practices aimed at guiding improvements in transparency.

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