Mr Cod arranges event for bloggers

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PESHAWAR: One of the leading international fast food chains, Mr Cod arranged a meetup for the local bloggers here on the other day at Town branch.

A group of more than 10 well-known food bloggers was invited on the occasion. The participants tasted and reviewed the multiple food items of the restaurant for their social/digital media platforms to attract more and more food lovers. Meanwhile, a jam session was also held.

The bloggers told that the restaurant’s menu was highly acclaimed, with each ingredient carefully selected to provide customers a delightful culinary experience, adding that the diverse menu catered to a variety of tastes, making it a must-try for everyone in the historic city of Peshawar.

Responding to social media influencers, the Mr Cod’s team stated, “Food bloggers are a unique community of food enthusiasts who share their culinary experiences with the world in an attractive and easy way that’s why there is great need for engaging these people in the promotion of F&B industry.”

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