Cisco to inaugurate Int’l Networking Academy and Support Center

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PESHAWAR: BRAINS Institute has achieved yet another milestone by being declared as the regional support center by Cisco International, which is global leader in IT industry.

Mukhtar Ahmad, Chairman, Higher Education Commission will inaugurate the Cisco Int’l Networking Academy and Support Centre at BRAINS Institute, Peshawar tomorrow (Saturday, January 28) in a function, which will be attended by delegates from Pakistan and abroad.

In association with the Cisco Country Office, Cisco International Networking Academy and Support Center of BRAINS Institute is an IT skills development and career building program for both public and private sector organizations.

Under the umbrella of BRAINSTEC, Cisco International Networking Academy & Support Center will not only integrate the existing networking academies but will also develop new digital learning centers (Cisco networking academies) for educational institutions, corporate entities and other organizations.

BRAINSTEC (BRAINS Technology Enterprise Center) is an enduring initiative of BRAINS Institute for imparting education, training and research services in emerging hi-tech fields. It envisions to equip the youth and students with the newest knowledge to succeed in making their place on the right side of digital world.

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