Saifullah urges KP govt to complete Pezu Dam

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LAKKI MARWAT: Senior politician and former provincial minister, Humayun Saifullah Khan on Tuesday urged the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government to complete the construction of Pezu Dam soon.

In a letter to the Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash, he stated that this year there had been a large-scale destruction due to flood in the province which had no precedent in the past.

He lauded the services and efforts of the Chief Secretary for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims. “Since the massive destruction caused by floods in the province this year couldn't match the previous disasters, we are in dire need of building a dam,” he said.

Informing the Chief Secretary about the progress of work on under-construction Pezu Dam in Lakki Marwat, he wrote that 80 percent of the stone pitching work and 45 percent of the spillway work on the dam had been completed.

Saifullah said that apart from this, only 30 percent of the work on the construction of the two-feet wide and deep ditch had been completed while 70 percent of the work remained, adding that due to non-availability of funds the construction work on the dam had stopped.

He stated that if there were heavy rains in the coming monsoon season, there would be a possibility of even more damage due to the absence of dams. He went on to say that with the completion of the construction of Pezu Dam, it would be possible to irrigate 8,000 kanals of agricultural land and production of at least 16,000 bags of wheat every year would be expected.

“I have personally requested the Chief Secretary Dr Shahzad Bangash to play his positive role in ensuring the completion of Pezu Dam in Lakki Marwat by allocating Rs200 million fund,” Saifullah further said.

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