Lakki university employees demand govt for provision of rights

Barkatullah Marwat

LAKKI MARWAT: Anwar Kamal Khan, President of the Employees Union of University of Lakki Marwat, has asked the higher authorities to accept their demands, otherwise they would be forced to take the next step.

Addressing a press conference with his colleagues at the District Press Club on Wednesday, he said that in 2014, he shifted from Bannu University to Sub-Campus Lakki Marwat and started the activities of the university rapidly.

He stated that Additional Registrar Inamullah Khan came from Bannu University to Lakki sub-campus as a coordinator but gradually he managed to strengthen his roots to such an extent that eventually instead of Additional Registrar he managed to grab the additional charges of Registrar, Controller of Examinations and Director of Finance.

Anwar Kamal Khan said that the Registrar had been in Lakki Marwat University without the approval of Bannu University Syndicate and considered Lakki University as his personal fiefdom. He added, “When we asked to go back to Bannu University, the Registrar begged us to stop saying that he would regularize us but the registrar violated his commitment and expelled him along with 19 colleagues from the university without any notice or show cause.”

He claimed that the administrative and financial affairs of the university were suffering from serious irregularities and irregularities, but no one was ready to speak up. He questioned that on what basis Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Aurangzeb Khan was misusing three government vehicles of the university for children in the village?

He further said that Deputy Commissioner Lakki Marwat Fazal Akbar recently constituted a committee to probe the charges levelled against Registrar Inamullah Khan, saying that the Registrar had replied to the committee that the deputy commissioner could not hold enquiry against him.

Anwar Kamal Khan also threatened to boycott the polio drive and block the Lakki-Mianwali Road if they were not reinstated and the Registrar was not sent back to Bannu University, adding that it was hoped that the government would pay its due attention to the issue on priority basis.

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