Free your children in decision making

Abdur Rasheed Bajauri

Adopting or acting upon your own choice is like getting yourself free from almost every stress. Recently, many of the educational boards across the country have announced their matric results while others are about to announce within instant or next week. In each board, those who are hardworking got high marks while others obtained less marks. The thing that I am going to point out throughout this article is that parents or guardians should not take the right of decision making from their children regarding their future without asking about their interest and choice.

Based on my personal experience I want to motivate all parents and guardians to give free choice to their children in choosing their field of study. After my matric when I got admission in humanities/arts, almost everyone discouraged and disheartened me for choosing arts as the field of my study except a limited number of people who supported me for taking this decision. However, I took this decision because I was not even one percent interested in science, but people of our society were trying to discourage me in multiple ways.

For instance, their arguments that I remember were; “There are no jobs in arts and you will complete your degree but you will be a jobless person”, similarly, “As compared to science, arts is a useless and impractical field”, and “As compared to arts, science is more respectful, resourceful and opportunistic field”.

I was stressed because of such comments, but there was no other way without ignoring them and I followed this way to console myself. In addition to this, I completed my FA with outstanding performance and later on chose BS English as the area of my interest and choice. Now, those who were discouraging me for being a student of FA, are appreciating and stunning my achievements. On the other hand, people of our society focus more on science, particularly in medical just because of looking at other students.

Throughout my experience I have seen many students who even do not know the meaning of the term ‘pre-medical’ but they get admission just because of those students who are capable/eligible for getting admission in science (pre-medical). Beside this, majority of the students go for pre-medical because their parents/guardians restrict them by getting admission in arts. Owing to this, later on their parents blame them for getting low marks which is otherwise they are not responsible for this because if you do not want to sleep, nobody can force you to sleep.

To conclude, every field is best if you are the best. As compared to science, arts is more respectful, plentiful and resourceful subject. Do not focus on what other people are doing, rather focus on what you are doing. I strongly suggest to all parents, guardians and elders not to discourage your children at this stage. Rather this is the stage of their motivation, encouragement and support. If you do not encourage them, at least try not to discourage them.

The writer is a student of BS English at the Islamia College University, Peshawar. He can be contacted at:

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