‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson

Zeeshan Wasim

‘Steve Jobs’ published in 2011 after Jobs departed from the world is his authorized biography written by Walter Isaacson. Regarding the subject matter of this book, it is one that is peculiar and composite in nature. The book contains stories about Jobs that the author got to know after interviewing him and also the Job’s family and friends.

Walter Isaacson has written many biographies but this one is perhaps his ultimate piece of work. This is because the subject, Steve Jobs was a person on whom an interesting biography could be written. Walter Isaacson successfully showcased both the remarkable and dark side of Jobs in a manner that sheds light on who he truly was as a person, both as a top businessperson and also a family man. From building Apple from scratch, becoming its CEO and then getting fired from it, the Job’s life is filled with inspiration for all.

Having more than 500 pages, this biography has a brilliant narrative that highlights the craft of the author. The biography does not follow a proper sequence of the events talked about in the book, but rather it contains plenty of stories, anecdotes and major events that took place in the Job’s life. All of this is presented to the readers in a clean and fair narrative that contains only the details that truly matter, if the purpose is to explain the enigma, Steve Jobs.

While the personal life will be explored with ease in all the chapters, the side of Jobs which proves to be sophisticated for readers is the one related to his technological feats. However, these passages will be full of interesting facts about how Jobs went on to become a technology giant for those who have some understanding of technology. Whether it was the professional or personal side, Walter Isaacson succeeded in expressing the personality of Steve Jobs in an impressive manner.

He reveals the mysterious behavior of Jobs well enough for the readers to get a grasp on why he behaved like he used to. The famous ‘Reality distortion field’ is what made Jobs so focused, determined and manipulative. The author talks about how Steve Jobs had his own lens through which he looked at life, focusing only on what mattered to him and ignoring the reality to will his own vision into existence. Consuming only carrots for weeks, walking barefoot and not taking a shower to parking in the handicapped spot, it’s all there in the book. Of course, Walter Isaacson does not miss out the apparently fractured family life of Jobs.

This biography is truly remarkable and does well in letting the readers delve into the life of Steve Jobs. The stories in the book offer a perfect chance for the readers to get a clear view who Jobs was and what obstacles he had to jump through to become the founder of one of the most successful companies in the world, Apple.

Though Jobs was manipulative, rude, a narcissist and controlling, however he was a remarkable genius at heart who is considered as the greatest entrepreneur by many as he changed the world with technology and advancement.

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