Ashraf Khan Advocate awarded the title ‘Baba-e-Gadoon’

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PESHAWAR: The Chief of Gadoon QAM and senior most lawyer Ashraf Khan has said that granting him the title ‘Baba-e-Gadoon’ on the eve of Gadoon Martyrs Day on 8th March by the lovely people of Gadoon was a great honor for him and he would always remember that love and respect.

According to a press release issued from his office here on Wednesday, he said that he was so glad to see the people loving him very much in the current age as they used to love him in the past, adding that the title was actually the award of his marvelous struggle for the rights of the folk of Gadoon.

“We did multiple efforts for the development of Gadoon in the past but it is not the end, we shall always do every possible effort for the prosperity of the area and will serve our people,” Ashraf Khan maintained, saying that he and his family were very thankful to all the people for showing such an immense love.

He further stated that he was also grateful to all those men and women who congratulated him from inside Pakistan as well as abroad, adding that may the Almighty Allah bless the people of Gadoon.

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