Self-marketing for aspiring marketers

Zeeshan Wasim

The number of students which pursue business as its major subject in the university is increasing every year. With so many success stories of entrepreneurs from around the globe, it is apparent that people want to work for themselves and build their own businesses so that they can benefit from them. However, it is to be noted that even the most successful ones of all entrepreneurs must have to start from the mark which simply means to have a job at an organization in the beginning of the career.

Of course it is easy to start a business setup but it is always wise to work for other organizations first to get a grasp of how the world of business actually works. Similarly, in the field of business, the most desirable specialization for majority of the students is marketing, hence, it is highly important for them to understand that marketing is actually the art of connecting a business with people, particularly the target audience or consumers.

Apart from this, one of the most basic goals of a marketer is to increase the sales of a business. However, with so many students graduating with business courses each year, the professional market is too much saturated with marketers and all of the fresh marketers know the same theories and terminologies of the different elements of marketing, so how an aspiring marketer can create a difference from the rest of others while giving an interview for a job or internship?

Well, it is the most important question of which the best answer is to know that the fresh marketers should strive for what with high focus and objective approach. In order to stand out from other marketers in the business sector, a new marketer should always master the art and skills of marketing himself/herself to an employer to get the opportunity for his/her career growth.

In other words, a marketer’s main job is to sell products and services and mostly he/she does this well, but it is also of prime importance to learn about self-marketing where most of the fresh marketers in the business industry get failed. Being a student of business administration and specializing in the area of marketing, I am going to share the story of my interviews given for a number of jobs and internships.

The initial ones did not go well, hence after analyzing the aforementioned situation, I came to the conclusion that although I had the same skill set and level of experience as the other candidates had, but what I lacked was actually the skill of self-marketing which I should have developed and improved.

In this context, it must be kept in mind that sometimes you are like a product and you need to be more and more skillful in valuing yourself to an employer or a company and if you can’t do so, no matter what your actual marketing skills are, you will never get a job opportunity with so ease and comfort.

As there is an extreme level of competition and challenging situation and someone there will always know something unique and special in the area of marketing which sometimes you will not know easily. Hence, you will learn it all with the time once you start working professionally but for gaining access to the business sector, a fresh marketer must become a maestro of self-marketing by learning advance marketing and promotional strategies.

Furthermore, it should always be remembered that you are the ultimate product of yourself and if you are able to market and value yourself in the industry through a well-managed and appropriate way, you will have no problem in marketing anything to anyone in the world of business. 

The writer is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, columnist, freelance content writer and a student of BBA at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar. He can be contacted at:

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