Customer-focused strategies must for developing business: Zeeshan Khattak

Zeeshan Wasim

PESHAWAR: Well-known marketing expert and lecturer at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar, Zeeshan Khan Khattak has said that the local business market of Peshawar was heading towards a prosperous and vibrant future with the establishment of innovative startups, offering quality products and services but the coronavirus epidemic struck the globe and totally changed the entire structure and functioning of the business world which would take enough time to get recovered.

He shared these views while giving an interview to the Sunrise Today, here on Wednesday. He stated that the local businesses, particularly the small scale enterprises and startups were not prepared to handle such an unexpected paradigm shift and hold their ground against such a hard situation occurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic that’s why a large number of setups even went in the state of bankruptcy and other damages.

The marketing expert continued that small businesses lack sufficient financial resources due to which they were not able to implement consumer-based marketing plans which is why they stayed far behind the established and high level businesses in the race for profit in the local market, adding that going for user-centric marketing strategies was a dire need of the hour for small enterprises to survive in the prevailing circumstances.

“After monitoring a number of local organizations I observed that the pandemic-driven customer centricity movement was not going away soon that’s why the users now wanted all the businesses to highlight the value of their offerings,” he said, claiming that he had formulated several consumer-focused marketing strategies to deal with the rise in online purchasing and a decrease in the physical market exposure in a modern way.

Lecturer Zeeshan Khattak maintained, “In 2022, the local startups and small firms should properly utilize their financial and human resources in a smarter way to plan, develop and run better marketing and promotional campaigns that are focused entirely on customers as opposed to the lens being placed on the business itself.”

After the coronavirus epidemic the consumer behavior all over the world had changed due to which people had become very smarter in terms of their spending and as a result now the businesses could no longer market a product or service based on the attributes only as it would no more work to attract the potential clients, told the marketing expert, adding that understanding the psychology of customers was very much crucial for all organizations, so it must be prioritized in the prime objectives of the business.

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