Ban the so-called motivational speakers


After the menace of quackery and black magic etc. in Pakistani society, the infection of the so-called motivational speaking is very fastly infiltrating in public, particularly the youngsters which has badly addicted them by diverting their attention from hard work and dedication for their prime objectives.

If we look at the rising trend of the so-called motivational speaking on social media or at the educational institutions, we would see a large number of fake motivational speakers who seem like quacks or jugglers and just try to sell their counterfeit products under the cover of inspiring the youth, however, the fact is that they are only making the young population fool with their bogus ideas.

Actually such persons who claim to be motivational speakers are mostly themselves failed in their careers but they act like very successful personalities. All their non-sense practices are just aimed at earning money and fame by making the people fool. So, it is very important for everyone, especially the youngsters to be careful and focus on achieving their life goals with passion, commitment and practical vision, instead of following such pseudo-professionals.

A very pertinent point is that if anyone needs motivation and inspiration, so he/she may read and go through the real success stories of different famous and big personalities of the world, but looking towards such like bogus inspirational experts is not only the wastage of time but wealth also and the outcome will be only in the form of misguidance and misleadingness.

Therefore, the government and the concerned authorities should take a serious notice of this wrong practice and immediately impose ban on the fraudulent motivational speakers who are diverting the younger population from practical work to fantasy world which is not in favor of the progress and development of the country.

In this connection, the role of our educational institutions, particularly the teachers, is of crucial importance to control this harmful infection in the youth at the earliest stage, otherwise the remedy of this dangerous disease would be very difficult and hard, while it will take a long time to get recovered.

Similarly, it is also the major responsibility of the parents to discourage the followership of fake motivational experts by their children to safeguard them from distraction regarding their prime goals and inspire them with realistic and practical approach so that they may become creators, not the followers.

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