International recognition of Islamia College utmost priority: Prof Gul Majid

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PESHAWAR: The Vice Chancellor, Islamia College University Peshawar, Prof Dr Gul Majid Khan has said that although the Islamia College had a marked and bright history of contribution to the progress and development of the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but now it was the time to make it an international seat of learning and get recognized its value and strength globally.

He stated this during an interview with the Sunrise Today, here on Friday. He said that challenges existed everywhere but it was important to keep continuous the business and when he joined the historic Islamia College, he came across a number of issues but after engaging the stakeholders and doing homework he found the solutions and now the university was striving on the right path.

Sharing the details of the development in the university, Prof Gul Majid told that a number of academic, administrative and financial reforms had been introduced due to which the situation was improving, adding that excellence in the academics and research was one of his prime objectives and no compromise would be done in this context.

He maintained that for making the university financially sound, he had taken a very important initiative to recover its those precious assets which were not under its full control, saying that after recovery of the aforementioned assets the university would be completely independent in financial terms and would make the education free for the students.

The Islamia College VC continued that he and his team were trying their best to facilitate the students on campus as much as they could, adding that infrastructure projects were undergoing in full swing to make buildings for the new departments, similarly, the renovation of hostels and residences was also going on and the launching of new and market-based academic programs was also under consideration to meet the needs of the current challenging era.

“The great challenges and difficulties which we face today teach us one lesson that no one else but we, ourselves would determine our destiny and direction while it is my considered opinion that nations are built in the universities and research labs,” Prof Gul Majid stated.

He further added that the present situation compelled him to say that bringing a complete educational revolution in the country was need of the time to equip the people with the power of knowledge as success, prosperity and bright future of the upcoming generations laid in the modern and advance quality education.

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