Development through IT is top priority of KP Govt, says Atif Khan

Asif Khan Turk

PESHAWAR: The Provincial Minister for Science & Technology and Information Technology Atif Khan has said that IT was the future of the nation that’s why the Department of Science & Technology and Information Technology Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under the vision of the KP Government was trying its best to develop the province through IT by creating enough employment and business opportunities to boost up the economy.

He shared these views while giving an interview to the Sunrise Today, here on Tuesday. He stated that the provincial government was very serious towards the progress of KP through science and IT, adding that the budget of S&T and IT Department had been increased from around Rs 50 crore to Rs 14 billion which was the best example of the vision of the government towards the development of the people of KP.

He maintained that in order to create ease and comfort in the life of common man, the S&T and IT Department had initiated multiple projects to transform the current government system into a paperless or electronic system, adding that the E-government plan would be implemented soon that would play a crucial role in the development of the province.

The provincial minister continued that because of the computerization of the government system all the process of official business would be made efficient and fast and the citizens would be facilitated in a proper way, saying that digitalization of the conventional system was the only way to address the problems of the public and end the corruption in government offices.

“The S&T and IT Department has also planned a number of specialized training projects in which more than 25,000 youth will be professionally trained and equipped with advance and modern computer and IT skills to join the emerging job opportunities and earn a respectable livelihood not only for themselves but also for their families,” Atif Khan announced.

To a question about the projects of science and technology, he responded that science and technology are the ultimate means of progress and development in the long run that’s why the S&T and IT Department had planned few programs to explore the potential of KP in this regard, adding that the department had started working on the aforementioned subject and the updates would be shared with public soon.

Sharing the details, the provincial minister told that an advisory council had been established to do necessary consultation and homework to explore the potential of the province in a well-managed and proper way, saying that the improvement of the areas of minerals, gemstones, micro hydropower, fisheries and honey production etc. was the top priority of the government and in this regard innovative ideas were welcomed.

The provincial government was very dedicated towards achieving its goals and objectives, therefore, the people, particularly the youth should not get disappointed but focus on their professional skill development to play their due role in the progress of the country and make Pakistan a prosperous and developed country, further said the minister.

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