Prioritize legal awareness


If we look at the situation of the rule of law and human rights in Pakistan, we would see an unpleasant scene in this context. The common people don’t know much about the law and their constitutional and basic human rights that's why they are being violated, harassed and beaten up in police stations and other offices etc., hence, there is a dire need for legal awareness among the public to know about their rights and responsibilities in a proper way.

Now the question arises how the situation can be improved and what is the best solution? So, the answer is to educate the citizens about the law and their rights through the media, because, if the common man would be aware of his legal rights, no one would be able to violate his fundamental rights as legal education helps people to defend themselves against different kinds of violations.

Being a catalyst the role of media is of vital importance as through journalism we can promote legal literacy among the public which will lead to the establishment of an educated culture in the country, hence, there is need to prioritize the awareness of the public regarding the Constitution of Pakistan, the different laws and regulations and human rights to enable them for protecting themselves from different types of abuses.

In this regard, the government and the concerned authorities should start a special initiative for the education and guidance of the public through lawyers, constitutional experts, law educationists and human rights experts to build their basic legal knowledge and capacity for struggling against injustices and discriminations.

The concept and content of the program should be enriched to include all the fundamental elements that a lay person should know how to live a respectable life in society. Furthermore, it should be a complete package planned and designed to meet the needs of a person to equip himself/herself with the basic knowledge of law and human rights and play his/her due role in improving the state of justice in Pakistan.

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