Ikram Ullah defends M.Phil thesis

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PESHAWAR: A research scholar, Ikram Ullah of the Center for Omic Sciences, Islamia College University Peshawar (ICU) has successfully defended his M.Phil thesis here on Tuesday.

In this regard, a function was arranged at the ICU which was followed by a question-answer session wherein he successfully defended his research work by answering the questions of the audience in a scholarly way and he was declared eligible for the award of M.Phil degree in the subject of Genetics.

The topic of the thesis of the scholar is: “Molecular characterization of autosomal recessive krabbe disease in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” which he completed under the supervision of Dr Muhammad Ilyas, Assistant Professor, Center for Omic Sciences, ICU, whereas Dr Aqib Iqbal, Associate Professor, Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, University of Agriculture, Peshawar served as his external examiner.

Here, it is to mention that Ikram Ullah is the first M.Phil graduate of the Center for Omic Sciences, ICU. The thesis defense function was attended by faculty members, research scholars, students and a number of people belonging to different walks of life.

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