The reality of self-employment

Zeeshan Wasim

As opposed to what people mostly believe, self-employment is not a picnic. People think that self-employment simply means working in a very relaxed manner, at a pace that you feel is right. Unfortunately, it is not what self-employment looks like, it requires a lot of more self-control than people may realize as it affects all the aspects of a person’s life in the ways that people do not desire. I am not saying that it is not worth it, because it totally is, but it is challenging. 

Well, self-employment will make sure that your mind is filled with work all the time. In normal jobs, people are able to shut off work from their minds as soon as they leave their offices or duty places in most of the cases, however, in self-employment, you will find yourself working during your sleeping hours in your bedroom. Work will be on your mind at all the times and relaxing your mind will seem almost impossible at times because you will be aware of the fact that your success depends on how much time you put in. So, no matter how smartly you work, you will always want to do more to get more.

Similarly, a burnout is absolutely inevitable in case of self-employment. Everything seems to be going very smoothly during the initial days of working for yourself but at one point or another, you are going to experience a severe work related burnout. No matter the amount of work that you put in, will not feel sufficient. This is one of the major issues when you work for yourself. Feeling the need to work more leads to over-work which results in a burnout that drains all your creativity and energy.

The absence of job security is also going to bother you all the time. There will not be any fixed salary, sick pay or any proper guidance available for you. Self-employment is not financially secure, and to prove this point, according to The Telegraph, around 660,000 startups are registered every year in the United Kingdom but almost 60% of them fail in less than 3 years. You will feel as if you are playing catch-up constantly. There will exist a feeling of uncertainty due to all this, which is very difficult to shake off.

If you are not good at guessing, you should not go for self-employment, because, it is all a guessing game. The world of entrepreneurship is the one in which most of the people are not aware of what they are doing exactly. They just stumble from one task to another by guessing things and hoping that all of it will result in the formation of a cohesive plan. It is very uncertain but if the guessing is done in the right direction, it results in lots of benefits. On the other hand, if it goes in the wrong direction, can also take a startup down in just a moment.

Apart from this, self-employment or entrepreneurship has countless benefits and good results but reaching out to them in real sense and taking possession of them is not an easy and convenient task as people normally believe and think.

The writer is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, columnist, freelance content writer and student of BBA at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar. He can be contacted at:

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