Senior journalist demands action against traffic police cops

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MARDAN: A senior journalist, Riaz Mayar, has asked the District Police Officer to take action against the irresponsible traffic police cops for allegedly mentioning his name to the occupiers of an illegal flying coach stand and tractor workshops which caused hurdles in public transportation and demanded of the authorities to provide security to him and his family on priority basis.

Mohammad Riaz Mayar, the General Secretary, Mardan Press Club, submitted an application at the DPO office Mardan here on Thursday. He stated that he lived in Toheed Colony, Charsadda Road and on the same Charsadda Road in front of Chalmari Road a number of flying coach owners had established an illegal stand for their vehicles while some of the tractor workshops owners started using the road for parking and repairing their tractors which created hurdles for the locals.

He added that many of the residents had several times confrontation with the occupiers of the flying coach stand and tractor workshops and also complained to the high-ups, however, few traffic police cops allegedly informed the occupiers that traffic police didn’t want to take action against them but a journalist, Riaz Mayar, living in Toheed Colony, had complained to the high-ups and that’s why they were forced to take action against their illegal occupations.

Riaz Mayar stated that the act of the traffic police cops created many problems for him due to which his and his family life was in danger, adding that in this regard he also had informed the traffic police incharge Amjid Khan that he had never complained to anyone about the said illegal activities but the traffic police cops wrongly mentioned his name.

The senior journalist demanded of the DPO to conduct an inquiry in this connection and also provide him security on immediate basis. He also appealed to the Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Chief Minister KP to take firm action against those irresponsible traffic police cops who had created enmity for him in the area.

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