4% of GDP to be allocated for education: Riaz Yousafzai

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PESHAWAR: General Secretary Peoples Students Federation Riaz Khan Yousafzai has strongly rejected the share of education in the federal budget for 2021-22 and demanded of the government to allocate at least 4 percent of the GDP for the education sector.

Talking to Sunrise Today here on Sunday, he said that most of the countries of the world allocated more budget for education as compared to the other fields of life that’s why they were progressing and developing, however, Pakistan had always allocated a very little amount for education which was a big dilemma.

He stated that due to the non-serious behaviour of the government and the concerned authorities towards education and research, unfortunately the doors of learning were being shut down for the poor and financially weak students, of which repercussions would be very negative and dangerous.

Mr Riaz Yousafzai further said that it was the right time for the government and the relevant quarters to prioritize education and allocate sufficient and reasonable amount for the important sector of life as it was the matter of the rise and fall of the nation.

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