Man demands ban on so-called social media journalists

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GADOON, SWABI: Liaquat Sultan, a local lineman of the Public Health Engineering Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has demanded of the authorities to impose ban on so-called social media journalists in the area as they were dangering the precious lives of innocent people by their false allegations.

Talking to Sunrise Today here on Monday, he said that few days ago a social media journalist Ashraf published a news on his Facebook page that he had taken Rs 200,000 as bribe from a consumer family for the provision of water pipes which was totally wrong and against the reality, adding that the false allegation had damaged his reputation among the public and he wanted justice from the authorities concerned.

Mr Liaquat told that it had become a very negative culture that such social media journalists were spreading false news without taking version or comments of the concerned people which seriously affect their reputation in society, therefore, it was the right time to take firm action against such so-called journalists.

He further stated that the culture of accusation on social media must be stopped, because it would have serious repercussions, adding that it was hoped that the provincial government and the concerned authorities would take notice of the matter on priority basis to safeguard the precious lives of the people from propagandas and fake news.

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