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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government is going to present its budget for the fiscal year 2021-22 in next month. Although, the Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has made tall claims regarding the forthcoming budget that the provincial government would take exemplary measures for the economic uplift of the province, however, without giving importance to the welfare of labour class in the budget, this claim would not be proved meaningful and true.

Here, it is to be mentioned that the provincial government has declared Rs17,500 as the monthly salary of a labour in the current budget 2020-2021. But here one gets astonished that how the family (even too small) of a labour could meet even its basic expenses in such a small amount of money? Whereas majority of the employers also don’t give Rs17,500 as monthly wage to their labours which is another example of supreme injustice and discrimination.

It is a fact that Rs17,500 as monthly salary of a labour is a very small amount in which a family of even 3 to 4 persons can’t survive due to the current situation of price hike and inflation in the country. But due to the fear of unemployment, poverty and other financial problems, the labours are forced to work more and more for such an unreasonable pay.

Therefore, it is high time for the provincial government and the concerned authorities to prioritize the welfare and prosperity of the labour class in the next fiscal budget by increasing its monthly pay from Rs17,500 to Rs30,000. Indeed, it would be a hallmark step, if taken by the KP government which would definitely motivate and encourage the labour class to work hard and play role in the progress and development of the province.

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  1. Naseer Ahmad May-23-2021 11:45:am

    The incompetent and myopic CM KPK Mahmood Khan does not understand how to address the issues that have stagnated the industry and agriculture of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. Growth of of province's economy and running of skill development programmes can ensure better wages for the working class. But the CM has no vision how to implement the industrial policy of May 2016 and focus on small dams and installation of solar tube wells for rain-fed areas of the province. For example, the provincial government could have installed solar tube wells for 15000 acres of fertile agriculture land in Maryamzai near Peshawar, which was the constituency of KP Governor Shah Farman. But the agriculture development of the area was deliberately neglected.What a precious gift in the persona of Mahmood Khan CM by PM Imran Khan to the people of KPK, which served as power base for the PM. Is it not an insult to the mandate of the people of the province?

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