Critical thinking and social cohesion are linked: Dr Qibla Ayaz

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PESHAWAR: The Chairman, Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), Dr Qibla Ayaz has said that the efforts to promote social cohesion should be considerate of its socio-political and economic determinants and social cohesion space should never be allowed to shrink as a matter of great importance, adding that in the post globalized era, the advent of social media had completely changed the nature and dynamics of social connections key to social cohesion.

These remarks were made by him during Ulasi Taroon Youth Capacity Building Workshops’ Virtual Annual Alumni Gathering, organised by a local non-government organisation here on Saturday. The event was attended by the AC Mardan Dr Samman Abbas, educationist Shagufta Khalique, Malik Mustafa, Shams Momand and around 60 students from different universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The CII Chairman said that the youth should cultivate their critical thinking to be able to promote social cohesion, effective peace building, future leading and productive participation in decision making processes, adding that one of the most critical aspects in the youth leadership development was cordial relations between students and teachers and encouragement of students to ask questions, think out of box and produce new knowledge.

The AC Mardan, Dr Samman Abbas stated that the nations’ true wealth and social capital lied in investment and development of the young minds, saying that to be able to see opportunities, the youngsters should make a mindset where they believe in the importance of process and value of small and determined steps, instead of thinking about the hurdles and hardships around.

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