Poetry book of a young woman termed a fresh wind of spring

Sher Alam Shinwari

PESHAWAR: A young woman from district Karak, Latambar has recently brought her debut volume of her Pashto poetry and acclaimed a widespread appreciation from literary circles and literati and have billed the new collection especially from a young woman a fresh wind of spring as it would encourage women to speak out their hearts and minds in measured lines.

Narrating her woeful tale of her literary career, Freshta Bahar writes that she used to listen to radio literary shows which proved a source of motivation for her creative thoughts and instantly she began composing Pashto poetry, a novel in Urdu, titled ‘Ishq Nachai Jesko Yar’ and many other things but her journey came to a sudden halt when she left education after qualifying matriculation.

“After going through literary works of classical poets and writers I was determined to remove my own mistakes and approached some so-called literati because instead of encouragement, they dashed me into the abysmal of pessimism but soon I got access to some other genuine writers through social media who guided me properly,” she explains.

Prof Dr Izharullah Izhar, noted Urdu and Pashto poet, states that Freshta Bahar’s collection shows her inborn talent and that she has gained mastery over several literary genres in a short span of time and her real name and pen name were reflective of her lofty thoughts.

Nazia Durrani, vice chairperson of an Islamabad based cultural an welfare organization, in her remarks points out that Freshta Bahar’s poetry came as a fresh wind of thoughts in such an unfriendly environment especially for women literati. “Freshta Bahar wants to purge her society of all the social ills through her writings. Her poems are drenched in love for her land, people and everything good around her,” Durrani comments.

Prof Javed Ehsas writes that Freshta Bahar’s voice into the arena of Pashto literary circles should serve as fountain of perpetual inspiration because a progressive society never completes without the participation of women whether poetry or any other field, adding that she enlivens the memory of Alif Jana Khattak who had surpassed all so-called social taboos and stepped into Khudai Khidmatgar Tehreek of Bacha Khan.

Her poems under the titles of ‘Qafas (Cage), Bewasi (Destitute) and Khudgharaz (Selfish) are reflective of her deep insight at such a young age as she envisions a society free of all such evils that erode the very fabric of our society, he states.

Printed at Aamir Print and Publisher, Peshawar, the book is spread over 166 pages and carries a price tag of Rs280 available at book shops in Peshawar, Charsadda, Mardan and Bacha Khan Library Latambar, Karak.

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