Practical learning in business studies

Zeeshan Wasim

Being a student of business studies, I entered the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship at an early stage while it is expected from all business schools to teach us the basic know how of business and provide us the extensive knowledge of the world of commerce as well, however, the reality is quite different. The reason why what is expected is not what actually happens is that most of the business schools are still relying on outdated and very basic methods of teaching which is something that does not bode well in today’s dynamic world of commerce that demands individuals to be highly competent in every aspect.

Business education in a majority of business schools consists of imparting bookish knowledge to students, all of which does not hold to be relevant in today’s era of business and entrepreneurship that experiences advancements of different sorts each and every day while this does not hold true for every business school, still, this is what happens in a majority of them. Being a student of business who wanted to be successful in the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship, it was only after entering the practical field that I saw how what we are taught in the classroom about business is not what happens in the marketplace.

Taking a look at the teaching methodology of the top business schools in the world such as Harvard Business School, I saw that such schools focus on “practical teaching” which gives a proper understanding to the students about the actual marketplace in which they are going to work in the future as opposed to just studying theory from books that do not hold much value when it comes to the practical implementation of skills in the field of business. The practical teaching refers to the manner of teaching that involves case studies of actual businesses and practical assignments in which the students get to visit the markets to find out how businesses operate and how the theory that they are taught applies in the market.

Such method of teaching allows business students to not only possess knowledge but also know how they can apply it practically. The ability to implement knowledge practically is simply what we call the skills. The business world is too competitive and dynamic now. If business students are taught in the ways that are outdated, they will not be able to develop the required skills that they need to do well in the marketplace while knowledge from books and general business theories are important for students to learn, it is also a requirement for them to possess the right practical skills as well now. With so much competition in the business world, only those with the right skills will succeed.

So, business schools should focus not only on the knowledge part but also the development of essential skills in the students. Through the amalgamation of bookish knowledge and practical learning, business schools will be able in a true sense to give a taste of the real business world to the students.

The writer is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, columnist, freelance content writer and a student of BBA at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar. He can be contacted at:

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