TMA converts Topi into garbage state

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TOPI, SWABI: The Topi city has been converted into a garbage town by Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) where heaps of garbage can be seen in the streets, roads and public places, creating suffocation and unpleasant smell while the TMA administration and officials are sleeping tightly, unaware of their prime duties to serve the public.

This scribe registered a complaint at TMA Topi on March 29, 2021 regarding the cleanliness of his area’s streets and drains, however, even after passing 10 days the TMA concerned staff did not bother to come and clean the area by performing their basic duty.

It also came to the notice of this scribe after visiting the TMA office on Monday that Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO) did not come to office in time on regular basis. When asked an official over there, he, on the condition of anonymity, told: “TMO Sahib comes to office after 12 pm every day while our office time starts from 9 am.”

Yasir, a resident of Topi, said that TMA was not working properly and that’s why huge quantities of garbage lay everywhere in the city which seriously affected the health of the people, adding that the provincial government should immediately take notice of the situation to help the locals.

An another resident, Kamal, told that for the last one year the TMA staff did not visit his area for cleanliness due to which the drains were filled with waste while grasses had grown in the streets providing a safe haven for mosquitoes and other dangerous insects, causing fear among the locals of malaria and other diseases.

When called the TMO Topi Yasir Muhammad to take his version, he said, “Actually I am an administrative officer and regularly do very important meetings with the district administration and other concerned offices and that’s why I am unable to follow the specific office timings.”

To a question regarding the miserable condition of cleanliness in Topi city, he responded that he was very committed to his job but there was shortage of staff in the TMA office and he had requested many times to the concerned authorities to tackle the issue to serve the locals in a better way.

This scribe also tried many times to contact the local MPA Rangez Khan for taking his version on the situation but he did not attend the call, nor replied to any message.

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  1. Naseer Ahmad Apr-09-2021 05:52:pm

    PM Imran Khan frequently emphasize for clean environment. On the contrary, PTI Chief Ministers are least bothered about addressing the issues that pollute the environment and risks human health. The poor performance of Peshawar Development Authority, TMAs and rampant corruption therein speaks volumes about their anti-environment, anti-people, oblivous and arrogant attitude of their officers.

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