Blue-eyed appointed as Project Director, UET Swat

Asif Khan Turk

PESHAWAR: The Higher Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has allegedly illegally appointed a blue-eyed, Dr Najeeb Ullah of the UET Peshawar as Project Director, University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Swat, despite his non-engineering qualification and background.

In a notification, issued by the Higher Education Department (HED) on August 19, 2020, Dr Najeeb Ullah, Assistant Professor (BS-19), UET Peshawar, has been notified as Project Director (BS-19) for the ADP Project, titled “Establishment and Feasibility Study of UET Swat (ADP Code # 190237, PMU)” on deputation basis till further orders.

However, sources in the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) said that this appointment was completely illegal as how a non-engineer could run or manage an engineering project or university? “This appointment is totally against the Pakistan Engineering Council Act, 1975 and the concerned authorities must take immediate notice of this violation of law,” the sources maintained.

When this scribe asked Hamid Naveed, Chief Planning Officer, HED and Focal Person for UET Swat that although Dr Najeeb Ullah was not eligible due to his non-engineering qualification and background, hence why the criteria was changed for him (according to our sources), however, he just said, “I didn’t make the criteria, first of all you should know who has made the criteria,” and disconnected the call. This scribe also had few more questions but couldn’t ask due to this situation.

Similarly, sources in the HED said that the aforementioned appointment was actually a big blunder, because, universities were autonomous bodies and no university employee could be sent out on deputation to another department or organisation (only possible in case of resignation) as there was no such legal provision.

It has also come to know that Dr Najeeb Ullah had not been relieved yet by the UET Peshawar and working on two positions i.e. Assistant Professor, UET Peshawar and Project Director, UET Swat. When this scribe asked the sources in the UET Peshawar about this situation, they said that how Dr Najeeb could be relieved from his post as there was no such provision for a university employee to be deputed somewhere else?

“The university administration is not relieving him, because, there is no section or clause in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities (Amendment) Act, 2016 to send university employees to other departments or offices on deputation basis,” the sources continued.

An official in the HED on the condition of anonymity disclosed that Dr Najeeb Ullah was a blue-eyed of few officials in the provincial bureaucracy who helped him to get appointed, however, if we look at the legal aspect or position of the matter, they had awfully violated the merit and the relevant laws and rules.

When this scribe called Dr Najeeb Ullah to take his version regarding this situation, he said, “I am not in a position to talk about anything in this regard,” and disconnected the call. This scribe also visited the office of Secretary, HED for taking his version but he refused to meet.

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  1. Naseer Ahmad Mar-31-2021 01:33:pm

    It is very easy for the Secretary of Higher Education Department( a foxy PAS officer) to cheat the incompetent CM Mahmood Khan, who is still under spell of the most corrupt Perez Khattak, Defense Minister and sycophant NA. Speaker Asad Qaisar. Mr. CM remains always oblivious of rules and regulations. It is very unfortunate for the people of KPK.

  2. KHIZER HAYAT Mar-21-2021 10:41:pm


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