Tree plantation termed an infinite charity to save environment

Sher Alam Shinwari

PESHAWAR: Launching tree plantation drive here on Thursday, the Principal of Peshawar Public School and College (PPSC), Warsak Road has billed the move of planting trees as a flowing charity towards saving the environment and a boon for the coming generations, adding that parents, teachers and students should participate in the tree plantation as it would help create awareness among the masses to value plants for the sake of safe, clean and green environment.

“Over 2,000 saplings have been planted on the campuses during the last two years and most remained intact owing to better care and green environment sensitivity. Green certificate was awarded to those who encouraged tree plantation on the campus and a students’ society ‘Green Environment Society’ (GES) supervised by senior faculty member,” said Ali Rahman, chief gardener.

He stated that every educational institution should make it a regular feature to come up with a success story of planting trees on its campus, adding that clean and green was not just a policy but a mission towards contributing to a healthful environment and saving humanity at large.

“Campus of an educational institution without greenery looks like a graveyard, therefore every attempt should be to ensure providing green environment to students so that they could study nature and get connected to the cultural roots of the land,” said Adnan Khan, chief security officer.

Masoor Hussain, Manager of Allied Bank Limited (ABL), Irrigation Colony Branch, Warsak Road, has donated variety of saplings for the campuses and hostels of both boys and girls wings of Peshawar Public School and College and urged the parents and teachers to motivate students to participate in the tree plantation drive. Senior faculty members and managerial staff of the PPSC were also present on the occasion.

The Principal Khaliq-u-Zaman and ABL Manager Masoor Hussain jointly launched the campaign of tree plantation by planting saplings at different spots of school and college campuses and issued directives to concerned staff to take care of the newly planted saplings.

“Planting trees is an infinite charity that one can easily do, the move will also help us to keep our environment clean and green and breathing in fresh air is quite healthful. I have donated 150 saplings to the institution,” stated Mr Hussain.

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