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Voices are being raised from rights activists demanding the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government to implement labour laws to ensure safe working environment for working women both at government and private sectors institutions. According to the reports, 58 percent public sector organizations do not have proper committees to protect working women against sexual harassment and several other kinds of insecurities.

Several survey reports disclose that working women are in miserable condition both at government and private organizations and institutions when it comes to salaries and daily wages and basic facilities including washrooms, daycare and canteens. The rights organizations are out there to press the KP government to ensure implementation of labour laws which is expected to address all serious issues of the working women being faced by them at the workplaces.

Around 45 percent government and about 15 percent private departments and institutions are yet to provide the basic facilities including washrooms to women workers which is reflective of an irresponsible attitude towards women folk especially those engaged in workplaces.

The Workers Women Alliance, an organization working for the welfare of women, in a recent report has rightly demanded of the KP government to provide an enabling environment to working women so that they could earn a decent livelihood for their families. It has been commonly observed that most of the women working in the government departments are underpaid despite the fact that women are more efficient and hardworking.

Most of the employers have assumed that women are unable to contribute their work capability towards the organizational benefits but it is in fact the other way round as women are found more responsible and enthusiastic to contribute their working potential.

It becomes the utmost duty of the provincial government and all its relevant departments to implement labour laws and also provide necessary facilities including daycare, tuck-shops and separate washrooms and also form committees to ensure safety to working women at workplaces against sexual harassment and create a conducive environment for them.

The relevant government officials must look into the matter and come up with ideas to resolve these issues which are genuine and require an urgent attention. Unless the labour laws are implemented and committees are formed to protect women rights and also provide them security against sexual harassment at the workplaces, women would feel secure and confident to work to earn for feeding their families.

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