Healing youth through sports


The drug abuse is the most dangerous social evil that has been plaguing us all especially our youth and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has taken laudable steps in the recent past to prevent this spreading in the society. One fills with pleasure to know that the Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in collaboration with a local sports club in Peshawar has recently arranged a very interesting sports event in which around 30 noted artists, folk singers and social media stars of the province gathered and played out football tournament with an objective to motivate the youth to fill the playgrounds instead of sticking to TV or smartphone screens.

Over 3,000 onlookers mostly fans and sports-buffs showed up at the event. It was an encouraging message to the youth who are dragged in drugs and indulged in several other negative and anti-social activities thus ruining their future and making life of their parents miserable. The noted artist’s league wanted to make the event a regular annual feature to spark a strong spirit to say no to drugs and make their nerves strong enough to resist anything detrimental to their physical and mental health.

The activity in itself would prove a milestone in changing the behaviour as such events would help our youth heal their bruised souls dashed into darkness of joblessness and fear of contracting Covid-19 which has already multiplied the miseries of the people while condition of artists and potential players is at its worst. The initiative of the KP artists and social stars should be praised and kudos to the provincial Narcotics Control Department which should continue such efforts to safeguard our prized and bright future.

Plagued by extremism, militancy and threats of violence coupled with the ongoing pandemic, the civil society, parents and teachers should put their hands together to keep away our future builders from being indulged in anti-state and unhealthy activities and motivate them to spend their quality time on the playgrounds or beside their study desks.

A good suggestion would serve the real purpose if noted artists and folk singers form playing clubs for arranging sports with a slogan ‘say no to drugs’ at the school, college and university level, it would greatly help carrying ahead the cause of society to prevent the youth from indulging in unwanted activities and also create awareness among the youth on the significance of sports and games towards building a creative and productive society. Art and sports have much in common when it comes to balance and composition. Music and sports can heal our bruised souls and bodies and people around the globe follow this principle for a balanced society.

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