Increasing child abuse needs attention


Looking at the alarming reports brought out by leading child rights organizations, one arrives at the conclusion that the condition is going from bad to worse when it comes to child abuse incidents through the length and breadth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the country at large. Despite several measures taken to prevent child abuse, no significant improvement is seen on the ground and parents are seen going from pillar to post to seek justice while children are seemed destined to go through the trauma of being victim of sexual abuse in its many forms and manifestations including brutal murder and most victims end up with gory round up of being killed.

The problem is big, the journey is long and the track ends nowhere yet it needs our efforts and passion to keep up going through the dark tunnel. The solution may not lie far away and the reports in many cases come out to be close relatives of the victims which suggests an evil extension of our own blood that runs through whereas it requires a vigilant eye to capture the sense of going it to happen to the victim.

Though official report is yet to come out but unofficial report recently surfaced reveals that over 600 cases of child abuse have been reported during the 2020 citing different factors from exposure to social media and lack of parental care to absence of awareness from top to bottom. Unfortunately, the loopholes and crumbling social system point to a major fault of our overall social fabric that has become unresponsive and inhuman at many levels.

The child rights activists amidst numerous plausible in synch with social and cultural norms and values that predominate our entire set up suggest to rethink, research and dig out the root cause of the issue so that it could be at least brought to a minimal level and step into another journey to safeguard our future builders from being abused and killed at the hands of merciless so-called humans. More or less, children, transgenders and women become the victim of such gothic incidents, the rising trend should alert every single member of the community.

If on one hand it multiplies the parental responsibilities and put further pressure on the shoulders of the State, it should also come up to the social organisations and child rights activists to devise new ways and means to go deep down to the cause of the disease rather than advising new medicines and of course government departments should supervise the efforts and serious attention must be given to reach out to the bottom to cure the basic cause by rooting it out with joint but fruitful results.

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