Rising guitarist wants to encourage children towards chosen pursuits

Sher Alam Shinwari

PESHAWAR: An emerging guitarist, Kebriya, resident of Peshawar has called upon parents to encourage their children to follow pursuits of their own choice so that they could get instant success in their careers and also could positively contribute to the society and the country at large.

She launched playing guitar and singing to clear misconceptions about music and capability of women to join music as a career. “Belief in one’s own strength is the best solution to the perceived hurdles. Young girls have more talent and should be provided more space. I believe in my capability and my parents believe in my latent talent,” the rising star told this scribe.

“Online learning has numerous advantages for women in a society like ours. Sometime the audience around you may not appreciate your performance but I would advise parents to let children see their own dreams. Self-realization come through intuition with practical work. Parents’ support can take children far ahead where they display their talent with full confidence,” she observed.

She wanted to prove that music was not only good as a profession but also a reflection of our cultural identity. Music has always been portrayed as something negative and a forbidden fruit especially for women, she stated. I wanted to prove it otherwise, saying that music was a spiritual therapy and cure for the ailing souls, she argued.

She in a chat with this scribe told that youngsters could learn lot many things online and not required to walk up to a teacher, the aspiring students instead should turn to social media for online outlets, adding that youngsters could easily pursue their careers with the help of supportive parents. “Out of wide range of career choices, I picked up music and my parents said okay and the next day my room got staked with digital devices,” Kebriya said.

She said that she loved music since her childhood and wanted to learn the basics of a string musical instrument. Almost two years ago, a competition in Peshawar city was arranged, titled ‘Voice of minority’ in which she participated and won award of emerging music star followed by another music contest, titled ‘Open mic’ conducted under the auspices by another group of volunteers called Qissakhawanan and that too proved a milestone in her life.

“My parents are very supportive right from the beginning. After I saved enough money, I purchased ukulele and learnt playing it from YouTube and then got guitar. For me it was very easy to remain in touch with my hectic study routine and also I would give time to online learning. I master it successfully and even uploaded several videos which earned me widespread fame,” stated the rising guitarist.

Ms Kebriya said that she studied in 2nd year at a local college and alongside kept up making videos for online fans swelling up from a few hundreds to thousands and drawing attention of the audience because of her rhythmical tunes and vocals in Urdu, English and even Pashto. She said that parents should try to boost confidence of their children by providing opportunities and facilities to them so that they could bring out their hidden talent.

“I play as well as sing numbers and make out videos and upload on my YouTube channel almost every week and also do my assignments on regular basis. My fans are growing in number, I try my best to play notes of popular Lollywood and Bollywood songs and recently I have shot some videos on popular Pashto numbers which will be uploaded soon,” the young artist maintained.

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