New Year resolutions and commitments


People around the world make resolutions and commitments with advent of the New Year but most of these promises end up with no efforts and some even are landed into the weird valley of dreams and our hopes crumble down without any results. Many factors can be cited behind it but one of the main reasons seems to be the lack of sense of self-accountability and shifting of responsibility for the failures to other’s shoulders and seeking of short cuts to success and also a perpetual habit ‘never to learn lessons’ from catastrophic situation whether it happens to an individual, nation or to the entire world.

The year gone by remained the cruelest for the humanity as the Corona pandemic has devoured millions of people without any discrimination, surprisingly the population of the developing countries despite being exposed to unkind Covid-19 remained comparatively on the safer side, however, a vast majority was dashed into the darkest tunnel of poverty and misery and its impact according to experts shall continue to last for many years even if most of the people get vaccinated because their journey to pre pandemic normal would be toughest.

In addition to economic implications of lockdowns caused by the pandemic, the year 2020 was filled with endless protests, price hike, sea of other economic, social, and political upheavals which kept the entire country under its tight grip, the incidents of child abuse in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone pushed us further down the drain.

As a nation, and responsible citizens, we must make result oriented resolutions and commitments that should have deep roots in the soil of our stark realities. Learning lessons from the tests and experiences should be the biggest promise we must make with ourselves. Our dreams should not stand on false ground, rather on firm soil so that we could build a society that faces challenges of upcoming times. Self-accountability should give us results and our efforts should get pregnant with productive offerings. New Year commitments should bear fruits and make us able to celebrate the year we have welcomed.

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