Freelancing be taught in schools

Zeeshan Wasim

After looking at disruptions caused by Corona pandemic in the world, all the schools should start teaching entrepreneurship and freelancing to their students as compulsory subjects due to many important reasons.

It is obvious that the education imparted to the students in schools is what works in a world that is functioning normally but the sudden emergence of Covid-19 made us realize that the world is not certain at all and it surely does not stay ‘normal’ all the times. There are always ups and downs which affect not only the personal but also the professional lives of people.

This pandemic made a lot of people lose their jobs and people all over the world got stuck in financial problems as the regular jobs diminished in number. The people who were doing regular jobs for a long time are now out of work and no longer have any source of income. And the worst thing is that a majority is not aware of the ways that can help them earn without having full-time jobs. In other words, this highlights the lack of freelancing and entrepreneurial skills in the people.

The education of freelancing and entrepreneurship is what would have helped a lot of people during these tough and uncertain times. Each and every individual possesses some unique skills that can be utilized for the creation of income, but unfortunately, people are just not aware of how they can connect the dots.

The freelancers and entrepreneurs are always doing well in financial terms as they know the ways of using their skills and limited resources in the best manner for the creation of solid income. There is a misconception among the people that freelancing and entrepreneurship is only for the people involved in the field of business, that is absolutely wrong. These are the two areas that individuals belonging to any field can enter into them for their benefit.

Currently, the education of freelancing and entrepreneurship is mostly being offered to business students only but if this tradition continues, the future generation will not be ready to face uncertain times like the current Covid-19 pandemic. Actually, each and every person should have knowledge of freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Well, we live in a world that is very dynamic in every aspect. It is continuously changing and is very uncertain. The young students of today’s time are always facing complex issues which are global, environmental and social. This means that the young students in schools must be taught everything about facing uncertain situations in the world. The education of freelancing and entrepreneurship will enable the students to become adaptive, flexible, patient and ready to tackle any issue that might arise by knowing how they can utilize their skills and knowledge in the best manner, even with limited resources.

So, if the schools start teaching children the entrepreneurship and freelancing, we can be sure that the future generations will not be having financial or any other issue if they experience any uncertain situation in life. Therefore, all the schools should start offering education about freelancing and entrepreneurship to the young students in order to rightly prepare them for facing all the challenges that life will throw at them.

The writer is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, columnist, freelance content writer and a student of BBA at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar. He can be contacted at:

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