What is entrepreneurship?

Zeeshan Wasim

The term ‘entrepreneurship’ is rising in popularity in the world of business. You might have heard people talking about successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates etc. It is true that entrepreneurship has existed for a long time, but it is becoming very prominent now, mainly due to the fact that people now have easy access to all the resources that are required for creating a business. Similarly, the advancements in technology has also made things accessible than ever before.

In simple words, entrepreneurship is the art of creating a business with limited resources to ensure profits. But on a deeper level, entrepreneurship is actually the act of transforming the world by solving the problems of people. Unfortunately, most of the people consider entrepreneurship all about earning profits by building a business but that is just one aspect of it. The main purpose of every entrepreneur is to bring about a change by creating something unique and innovative which has the capacity to challenge the status quo of how all of us are living our lives on a day-to-day basis.

The basic definition of entrepreneurship focuses only on the act of creating means of earning income. But what these definitions will not tell you, is, that entrepreneurship is the medium through which innovative people like Steve Jobs take their dreams into their own hands and then make something of it to change the world for good.

Earning profits is a part of it, but the real purpose of entrepreneurship is actually bringing about a positive change. Steve Jobs did it through Apple and Bill Gates through Microsoft. Without the products of Apple and Microsoft, our personal and professional lives will be disrupted and this shows the impact that entrepreneurship can have.

Entrepreneurs see the world very differently. They mostly have access to very limited resources for building a business, but it is their innovative nature and skill that help them utilize everything to the maximum extent and they get things done, no matter how restricted they are in terms of available resources and facilities. Regarding the benefits of entrepreneurship, the people get the joy of having complete freedom and control over their work. Entrepreneurs own and control each and every aspect of their businesses and take them in any direction they want.

However, entrepreneurship is not necessarily a full time career but most of the people in the present time are working as entrepreneurs on their side projects and earning extra income, along with their full time jobs. So, entrepreneurship is the medium for doing remarkable things and also, earning more income.

The writer is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, columnist, freelance content writer and a student of BBA at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar. He can be contacted at: srkgothambat@gmail.com.

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