Poor student appeals to CM for help to continue education

Sher Alam Shinwari

PESHAWAR: A poor student who has recently qualified the entry test for admission to medical colleges has appealed to the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan to extend financial support to him to complete his medical education as he belonged to a poor family.

Rahmatullah, a resident of district Charsadda, has recently achieved his dream target of becoming a doctor as he has scored the required merit marks in the entry test for medical colleges in the last week of November, 2020.

Hailing from a remote backward village, Nisata Sadran, district Charsadda, Rahmatullah was an introvert but studious student since grade first and despite extreme poverty and unfavorable conditions, he scaled up the heights of success. “My first wish is to take trip of all the big cities Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore and Islamabad and then to get smart phone as I have heard only the names,” the poor talented student said with a deep sigh.

He had topped the entire KP HSS institutions way back in 2018 and bagged the first top position again from BISE, Peshawar examination by securing highest marks. It set the tone for him to beat down the toughest path but this time around, he was supposed to fly without wings, however, he continued his hard work, believed his teacher’s unconditional moral and financial support.

Prof Dr Mushtaq, a noted research scholar and Principal of GHSS No. 1, Charsadda while sharing his views regarding his poor but talented student said that in fact Rahmatullah belonged to a very poor family as his father used to work as a daily wager but bad luck struck him when his father was bedridden 10 years ago due to a serious problem in his spinal cord and sent a message to the school that Rahmatullah would be withdrawn because he could no longer afford his education.

“I and my colleagues - Murad, Ejaz Khan and Owais thought a plan to help out our talented student to save his future, we walked up to his father and convinced him that his son would continue his education without any interruption. He achieved landmarks in every grade and successfully covered long distance towards his dream target,” Mr Mushtaq narrated.

Rahmatullah added that he used to go on foot for 45 minutes to a local bus stop which would drove and drop him near his school after travelling for another 45 minutes and it was a daily routine, saying that he also shared work on fields with his ailing father on daily basis.

“I am fifth on the run of my seven siblings; school and work on fields were the only activities I used to engaged in, no modern facilities-TV, radio, mobile set or even access to city. I have never been to any other city in my life. My elder brother is going to complete his education from UET Peshawar, has gone through the same situation, he was inspiration and my teacher’s unflinching support enabled me to cut the long distance short,” he proudly poured his heart out.

“I appeal to the CM Mahmood Khan and Education Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to extend financial support to me so that I could complete my medical education. My father has been bedridden for the 10 years and I don’t want my teachers should bear my expenses any longer,” Mr Rahmat concluded.

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