PNAC holds seminar on halal accreditation

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) of the Ministry of Science and Technology conducted a media seminar on halal accreditation at a local hotel here on Thursday to create awareness on accreditation, role of PNAC and need and importance of halal accreditation for Pakistan’s economy.

The theme of the seminar was: Accreditation; A Gateway to International Trade and Importance of Halal Accreditation. The chief guest Ismat Gul Khattak, Director General, PNAC, highlighted the accreditation system, the role of PNAC and the importance of accreditation for national economy.

Addressing the participants, the guest speaker Akhtar A. Bughio also highlighted the need and importance of halal certification and the role of Pakistan Halal Authority. Meanwhile, the questions from media persons were answered by the experts. At the end, the DG PNAC distributed certificates among the participants of the seminar.

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