ICU opens its 36th annual Chrysanthemum exhibition

Sher Alam Shinwari

PESHAWAR: According to the administrative officer, Akbar Amin, well in accordance with traditions of the historic Islamia College University (ICU), the 36th annual chrysanthemum exhibition was opened at the main lawn adjacent to the Vice Chancellor Office with charming floral patterns.

Around 75 varieties of Chrysanthemum displayed where floral models of the building of the ICU and the national flag giving a magnificent look cast a magical impact on the visitors. Members of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Floral Art Horticulture Society (FAHS) turned up and reviewed various floral models of the chrysanthemum exhibition. They appreciated the efforts of the experts and administration of the ICU for arranging such an event despite fear of the pandemic spread.

Mr Amin said that all was set for the annual event of Chrysanthemum, adding that visits under the HEC and Health Department’s directives would be opened for public with strict discipline to the ensure safety and good conduct in the university.

The Chrysanthemum annual exhibition was formally opened here on Thursday where visitors were allowed to enjoy a look of the exhibition in a group of 30 as per the standard operating procedure from 8:30 am to sunset. Families, dignitaries, students and flowers’ buffs were invited to catch worth-seeing moments of the display.

Prof Dr Izhar, the chief of the Botanical Society of ICU said that owing to worrisome situation of the ongoing Covid-19, a few at the helm of affairs were reluctant to allow Chrysanthemum exhibition this time around but he and his colleagues were of the view that such an event should not be missed out, adding that Chrysanthemum exhibition had already become a trade mark of the Islamia College and helped us revive our golden traditions time and again.

“The display in itself is a great source of inspiration of spiritual pleasure and gives us a hope to realize that flowers and plants play a significant role in our everyday life and also it sends out a strong message to the masses to grow, protect and love flora and fauna of the area for life giving environment,” elaborated Mr Izhar.

Javed Khan Chacha, the head gardener of the ICU said that he and his 65 coworkers worked day and night to give a wonderful look to the Chrysanthemum display but regretted that many visitors would not be able to enjoy the annual event because of the pandemic restrictions.

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