Courts boycott – a futile exercise


Whenever a learned lawyer is killed by some criminals that may be, either, due to the existence of some old blood feud, or, some fresh display of blood guiltiness, however, all the lawyers are infinitely grief stricken, aggrieved, and spiritually hurt as the deceased belongs to their fraternity and one of them whom they miss forever. The recent incident which took place some days back in Karak in which Advocate Arsala Khan, his innocent wife and son had been attacked by unknown culprits and all the three victims were reported to have died on the spot. It has been one of the numerous accidents in which the unknown persons mercilessly have killed innocent people, for no fault on their part. Everyone is shocked to know about such inhumane acts and every lawyer has to be so certainly. All the bar associations of the province held condolence meetings and strongly condemned the brutal murder of Advocate Arsala Khan, his wife and son and also demanded the government and the concerned authorities that the culprits be immediately arrested and dealt with in accordance with law. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bar Council (KPBC) also in its meeting strongly condemned the brutal killing of the learned lawyer and his innocent wife and son and demanded of the local police to speedily search out the assailants and be dealt with in accordance with law. The learned KPBC also announced complete courts boycott throughout the province on December 7, 2020. Now question arises that courts boycotts which have been announced numerous times on such occasions, have borne any fruit or have resulted in some positive outcome? If one goes through the nearly passing year, such boycotts have proved to be a futile exercise. The only result of the courts boycott is to cause delay in the hearing of cases in the courts and the inconvenience of litigants and the wastage of their money as well. The learned lawyers community in general and their leaders in particular should address the issue and seek an appropriate and feasible solution of the problem in the best interest of the judiciary, the lawyers community and the litigants.

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