Writers and singers asked to play role in bringing positive change

Sher Alam Shinwari

PESHAWAR: Speakers at a ceremony have asked writers and artists to use their potentialities and energies for bringing a substantive change to boost soft image of the society and of the country at large.

Poets, writers and artists could best translate the aspirations of the masses and should come up with creative ideas to promote positive social norms and values and also guide masses on political, social and cultural issues in the context of national and international scope, they said, adding that poets, writers, artists and performers being the most sensitive segment of the society should be provided opportunities for exhibiting their talent.

Speakers expressed these views at the 6th awards show organized under the auspices of a private Pashto TV channel (Afghan TV) here on the other day, at a local hotel. Around 50 awards and commendation certificates were given in several categories, including literature, education, sports, music, art, social work and journalism. Senior vocalists Bahar Ali, Dastar Ali and Almas Khalil were decorated with the Living Legend Awards (LLA) for their tremendous contributions to Pashto folk music.

“The credit for organizing such a colourful show goes to the management of the Afghan TV and its workers as its annual awards show has become a worth appreciating event among the audience and already earned widespread popularity. The TV channel has explored new ideas regarding Pashtun art, music and culture and here, new talent is encouraged and promoted alongside literary traditions,” said Iqbal Husain Afkar.

The best cultural reporter’s awards went to Sajjad Khalil, senior cultural reporter Urdu daily Aaj and Dawn’s contributor Sher Alam Shinwari for the year 2020 while top folk singer’s awards were conferred on Hashmat Sahar, Zaman Zaheer and Malak Naz Marwat. Special award was conferred on Dr Ilyas Syed of the Peshawar Paraplegic Centre for its humanitarian services. Social workers – Syed Khadim Shah (Nowshera), Shazia Sardar (Mardan) and Ismail Khan (Swabi) received certificates for their contributions.

Literary organizations, including Pakhto Adabi Tolana (Doha, Qatar), Emarat Pakhto Tolana (UAE), Pakhto Adabi Society (Islamabad), Pakhto Da Adabi Dostani Maraka (Mardan) and Pakhto Adabi Jarga (Malakand) were also given awards for promoting Pashto language and literature.

Noted progressive poet, Rahmat Shah sail chaired the show, while Prof Fazal Rahim Marwat, Fazle Subhan Abid, and Prof Aseer Mangal were also among the participants. Syed Adan Shah, Prof Dr Hanif Khalil, Prof Iqbal Shakir, Pamir Jan, Abdul Ghafar Shabab, Hamzavi Yousafzai, Rubi Khan, Saleh Nadaan, and Wisal Hasan hosted the award show in a befitting manner. In addition to Pashto folk singers, the duo artists of Rabab and Mungai and a group of Dhol and Surna artists mesmerized the participants.

Opening the show, Syed Adnan Shah said that the main objective of annual awards ceremony was to encourage the emerging talent and appreciate the services of the senior literati, artists and social activists. He stated that award and commendation certificate were just a humble symbol of recognition of their sincere services of all those poets, writers, musicians, artist’s reporters, social workers and folk singers who remained unsung and behind the curtain.

Wagma Bibi, senior folk singer while sharing her views said that artists and folk singers were in miserable condition but despite hardships they continued contributing to the society, adding that KP government should announce a relief package for the artists, especially for those who had been bedridden since long.

Ahmad Gul Ustad, another Pashto folk maestro on the occasion said that living nations always honoured their heroes and mentors and appreciated their works to motivate juniors and recognized seniors in their respective fields. He told that private TV and radio channels deserved kudos for honouring both young talent and appreciating the services of the senior artists and writers.

Dr Israr, Prof Dr Humayoun Huma,  Dr Roshan Kalim, Dr Salma Shaheen, and Kalsoom Afazal Zaidavi were among the recipients of awards and three awards were given to three books one each to Da Taqeed Mashriq auo Maghrib by Rahmat Shah Sail, Da Ajmal Khattak Kuilyat by Azaullah Tarakzai and Toor Gulab by Kalsoomzeb.

Prof Dr Ali Khel Daryab of Malakand University was decorated with award for promoting research activities in Pashto. The creativity awards were received by Bakht Rawan Bakht, Shamsul Iqbal and Ihsan Danish Yousafzai, Prof Dr Hanif Khalil, Iqbal Husain Afkar and Laiqzada also spoke at the event. Meanwhile, Ahmad Gul, Hashmat Sahar, Sarfaraz Ayesha Aftab, Dilraj, Sarfraz, Mehak Khan and Jalil Shabnam sang popular Pashto folk numbers and received a thunderous applause from the audience.

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