Startups should learn from Steve Jobs

Zeeshan Wasim

In the world of business, the tech company Apple Inc is one of the most successful ones. Known for its innovations and trend changing products, Apple became the leader of technological world. People who are interested in building their startups surely take some inspiration from the journey of Apple, which started out in a garage and went on to become one of the greatest companies in the world. However, taking inspiration from Apple Inc is what startup founders do wrong, in my opinion. The right thing to do is looking up to Steve Jobs, who is the heart and soul of Apple.

Whatever Apple is today, it is because of Steve Jobs. He is known as one of the greatest innovators and entrepreneurs in the business world today. If people, who are interested in building their startups or starting any type of business, focus on how Jobs got things done, they’ll be able to do so much better. His efforts are the elements that created the whole, which is Apple Inc.

The most important lesson that all the entrepreneurs and startup founders can learn from Jobs is that in the business world, only those who have a vision will go far. Jobs always talked about his vision of “putting a dent in the universe” through his innovative products. His vision drove each decision of his and today, there’s almost nobody who doesn’t know what an iPhone is. He indeed changed the technological world. The startups that are built with a vision in mind will achieve success in the market.

Effective communication was a strong trait of Jobs and he was able to deal with his employees very effectively. The entrepreneurs who want their businesses and startups to succeed need to possess perfect communication skills for dealing with employees in the best manner. Through his words, Jobs was able to convince, guide and motivate people. Without good communication, entrepreneurs won’t be able to express their vision to the employees.

Another crucial lesson from Steve Jobs is to never hire people based on their degrees or level of education. Steve Jobs built the best team at Apple but the criteria for hiring someone was not his/her educational achievements but his/her skills and drive for doing something remarkable in life. If the startup founders follow this method for hiring employees, they’ll be able to create the most competent team possible.

The last and the most important lesson that startup founders can learn from the life of Steve Jobs is to always be persistent. Most startups, after seeing some failures in the marketplace, give up. But that is not what Jobs did. After facing many failures in life, such as being fired from Apple, Steve Jobs never gave up and kept working on his vision. In the end, as he was persistent, he succeeded.

I think that Steve Jobs is one of the best entrepreneurs and innovators to look up to, for learning a lot of important lessons regarding the business world. So, the startup founders should focus on the actions of the individuals, and not the business as a whole, to understand how they achieved success. In the end, it is the people who make up the businesses. And just like Steve Jobs always did, all the businesses and startups should focus on doing something “remarkable”.

The writer is a freelance columnist and student of BBA at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar. He can be contacted at:

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