Stop online frauds


The number of online frauds is increasing day by day in Pakistan and one can observe a number of new types of such frauds on daily basis. According to media reports, thousands of cases are reported every month in the country having no decrease in the number or ratio. Because of this miserable situation, the citizens are very worried and complaining again and again to authorities but no such action is taken so far, while a big number of citizens also remained silent due to no response on the part of the ‘system’. Here, it is to be mentioned that innocent citizens, especially women and elderly people are facing a large number of online frauds and crimes through internet, social media and mobile networks, resulting in their social and monetary losses. Here, a question arises where is the ‘system’ and where are the authorities? To answer this question, the government should come forward and take firm and concrete steps to tackle this alarming condition. First of all the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority should bind the telecom companies to not share the data of customers with other companies by strictly taking care of the privacy of the consumers. Similarly, the FIA’s cyber crime wing should also be strengthened and developed to eliminate the latest and advance types of online monetary and social crimes.

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