CPDI launches report on state of budget transparency

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PESHAWAR: The Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) has launched its annual report on the state of budget transparency in Pakistan.

The report points out shortcomings in the budgeting process at the federal and provincial levels and states that budgets in the country should be prepared in consultation with the relevant stakeholders and information should be shared with citizens proactively during all the stages of budget making and implementation process.

The report launching ceremony held at a local hotel here on the other day. The members of civil society, non-government organizations and media as well as a number of people from different walks of life participated in the event.

While addressing the participants, Naseem Riaz, Chairperson, Safar Welfare Organisation (SWO) – a partner organisation of CPDI, stated that CPDI had always strived for openness of the budget at every level and for the last decade, it had been struggling for transparency in the district budgets of the country but in the current year their focus was on federal and provincial levels.

Explaining the findings of the report, she told that the report consisted of two parts, the first section dealt with requests for information to various federal ministries and provincial departments seeking information about different stages of the budget process, while the second section examined the comprehensiveness of the budget documents and citizens participation in budget making process.

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