Adopt precautionary measures


The second wave of Covid-19 has almost started and a sudden increase in the death ratio can be observed globally. In Pakistan, the situation of Corona pandemic is also going to a miserable position affecting the day-to-day life. During the last week, a number of deaths have occurred due to Coronavirus in the country causing tremendous fear to the people. However, fear is not the solution of this issue. Adopting precautionary measures e.g. staying at home, social distancing, wearing face mask and sanitizing or washing hands are the only ways to eliminate this fatal disease. According to media reports, cases are increasing abruptly and that is why there is a dire need for the aforementioned measures not only to safeguard ourselves, but others as well. Experts recommend that in this critical situation, people should avoid unnecessary visits out of their homes in order to keep ourselves safe from Covid-19. Similarly, social distancing at public places is also very much necessary and there should be at least 6 feet distance between the two persons to avoid Corona. Apart from this, wearing face mask is very important to safeguard ourselves from the dangers of this epidemic disease. And not the last but the least, sanitizing or washing hands properly after every 30 minutes is of vital importance as it stops spreading Coronavirus in our surrounding.

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