hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia patient seeks help

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PESHAWAR: Waseela Shakeel, an 11 years old girl has been suffering from hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia for the last 4 years. She had gone through two surgeries in Pakistan but now she needs her complete treatment in Qatar, therefore, her family has requested the government and philanthropists for financial help as they can’t afford the treatment because of their poor financial status.

Here it is to be mentioned that her father is a fruit seller and has already sold his house and other valuable items for the treatment of his daughter, while prior to the present critical situation, he already had lost one of his daughters on account of this disease.

Now he is looking forward to the government, the concerned authorities and philanthropists to support him on humanitarian grounds by saving his daughter’s life. He may be contacted at phone no: 03365292690.

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