Noted blind Pashto poet brings out his fourth poetry book

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PESHAWAR: Speakers while throwing light on the newly published title of a noted Pashto poet said that Shahid Ali Shahid’s style of expression was unique and even weird because of his gifted talent and introduction of creative thoughts drenched in his deep aesthetic sense and love for his land and people.

Khegara Da Watan, a Peshawar based literary cum welfare organization arranged the event at the hujra of Arbab Tahir Khan here on Sunday. Local elders and poets attended the event in large number.

The poet under discussion had never repeated himself which was evident from overwhelming sale of his earlier poetry collections namely ‘De Halatu Ke Saandra Sham Ka Sandara’, ‘Da Qisa Ba Daghse Neemgarri Wee’, and ‘Parkhey Da Gul Pa Ghaig Ke Aor Wakhistu’, said the speakers.

Prof Hanif Khalil remarked that the new title of Mr Ali would attract poetry lovers, arguing that it also carried fresh of thoughts that would move young readers due to heart-wrenching lines reflective of a visionary bard.

“Shahid Ali visually impaired but not blind to see what are going around him as he has an in-depth understanding of the miseries of the masses and could well express them in his poetry. Being a bestselling poet, his works are valued due to his impressive and inspirational style,” he stated.

Rahmat Shah Sail in his critical comments pointed out that even titles of the poet’s books were impressive that readers could not but grab a copy of it before it went out of stock and his fresh title too would hit the bookstalls because it covered and touched upon issues and problems still lying hidden from the eyes of his contemporary bards.

“Shahid Ali has no eyesight but his inward eyes are very much alert and alive to see things and situations in a way that leave many of us stun and forced to think, this kind of poetry should be honoured as it serves as a true mirror to society,” Mr Sail observed.

Fazle Subhan Abid, Akhtar Nangiyal, Sher Mohammad and Mobeen Ihsas Afridi presented poetic tribute to the poet while Abdul Baqi Shah, Abdul Subhan Khan, Sher Zaman Seemab and Aziz Manirwal also shared their views on the poetry collection.

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