Fakhre Pakhunkhwa award show held

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PESHAWAR: A private production house organized ‘Fakhre Pakhtunkhwa award’ event here at Nishtar Hall on the other day. Large number of young students, artists and art lovers attended the function, the main objective of which was to confer Fakhre Pakhtunkhwa award on artists, writers and social activist for their contributions in their respective fields.

About 70 Fakhre Pakhtunkhwa awards were given away in different categories at the ceremony. Speakers on the occasion said that youth should exhibit their talent and also should create space for others and instill in them the spirit to serve the society in a positive manner.

Hamza Jamshid, chief of the HJ Production said that a year ago he along with his colleagues had launched the Fakhre Pakhtunkhwa award show to encourage and celebrate people from a wide range of fields who had been contributing to the society in one way or the other.

The trio of Bakhtiar Khattak, Hamza Jamshid and Afsar Afghan conducted the show in a befitting manner where a number of local folk singers also performed and received applause.

Bakhtiar Khattak on the occasion said that the Fakhre Pakhtunkhwa award was in fact an initiative to showcase the contributions of both senior and young artists, literati and individuals from other walks of life. “The basic aim is to motivate young talent to come forward to help build a purposeful society and remove social evils through their gifted capacity. Fakhre Pakhtunkhwa award provides a motivational force to bring up the talent,” he stated.

Prof Abaseen Yousafzai, Noorul Amin Yousafzai, Rokhan Yousafzai and Laiqzada Laiq in the category of literature, while Dilraj, Humayun Khan and Shahid Malang in the singing slot and Arman Siraj and Salar Khan received the awards as motivational speakers.

Almas Khanum, a young woman from Malakand was given away Fakhre Pakhtunkhwa award for her unique art of stitching up images of eminent Pakhtun heroes. Naureen Shama, a young girl, grabbed the award for her sports contributions.

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