New book of Dr Humayun Huma published

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PESHAWAR: A new book, titled ‘Column kahani’ has been published by the renowned columnist, poet, playwright, critic and educationist Dr Humayun Huma.

According to a press release issued by the office of Dr Humayun Huma here on Tuesday, the book is basically a collection of his famous, well-read and ever green columns already published in different national newspapers and magazines during the past 20 years wherein different issues of social, economic, political, educational and literary importance have been highlighted and discussed.

The preface is written by himself, in which he has thrown light on his journey of being a regular and lead columnist at the Daily Mashriq Peshawar – a big and widely-circulated newspaper of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He has briefly stated how he had joined the paper in 2000 and how he ended his long journey there, after happening of an unpleasant occurrence with him because of his bold, expressive and patriotic column published in September 2017 which angered the management of the newspaper by endangering their financial interests.

The publication is comprised of 64 columns and 254 pages. Its price is Rs600. Dastavez Publications, Lahore has published it and is available at all the prominent book stores of the major cities of the country, whereas Ketabtoon Book Sellers, Mohalla Jhangi, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the stockist.

Here, it is to be mentioned that Dr Humayun Huma has more than 50 years of association with literature, arts and journalism. His services to humanity and literature are un-measurably the most noticeable one. His contribution to the art of playwriting and column writing has earned him national and international recognition, and after serving many national newspapers for years, he has joined the Sunrise Today as lead columnist last year and his column appears on the Op-Ed page regularly.

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