Pakistan should be more efficient ahead

Habib Ullah

The whole world is now-a-day under the tremendous deteriorating consequences of Covid-19, whereas Pakistan is becoming the epicenter of the disease and everyone is praying for a miracle to happen. The cases and number of the deceased soaring day by day, but due to financial strain and panic situation led by unemployment, the people, especially the indigent are stressed, anxious, capricious and facing uncertainty. The people are anxious either due to economic recession or daunted by the viral outbreak. Therefore, the government should think out of the box by making a war cabinet as it is time to take quick and firm decisions, otherwise we will get late and the situation will reach to the point of no return.

Due to Corona pandemic the hospitals are already flocked and the testing ability for prognostication of the disease, proper medicines and safety kits for the doctors and paramedical staff are scarce. Agriculture is already under the radar of locust assail, and we do not have pragmatic control mechanism, either chemically or biologically. Similarly, the regional situation is vulnerable. America repatriating her troops from Afghanistan through an already signed deal with Taliban. Meanwhile, Taliban gave ultimatum to India to stop ill-role in Afghanistan, otherwise, will pay the price for it. 

At the same time, we are at the brim of war with our conventional rival India on the eastern border. And the situation is more intricate here due to the CPEC, water disputes, Kashmir and a cluster of other glitches. In addition, Indo-China armies grappled with each other and China pushed back Indian army from Sikkim and Ladakh, which was considered by India her own territory. Doing this China made her strategic position more integral by erecting military infrastructure and securing the CPEC hardly 8 to 9 kilometer away (The Karakoram highway) from here. Although, it is a separate debate and will put light on it some other time, but, Pakistan cannot remain disregarded with these proceedings, having strong annexations and repercussions on our defense, trade, CPEC and ultimately on our economy. Similarly, the situation of the western border is not exemplary and is more sensitive, directly related to our internal security and the trade is also hampered here by the outbreak. 

Besides, these coercions the sword of the FATF is also hanging on our head but thanks to China and the steps taken by the current government we would face it adroitly. But, more havoc our society would feel, if the Pakistanis workers would be expelled out from Middle East and other countries, because it would not only surge the army of unemployed, but would also hamper the huge chunk of indispensable remittances. It would directly plummet the purchasing power of the people and will affect the small businesses and daily wagers, such as greengrocers, plumbers, barbers, carpenters, small shops, cobblers, shoe makers, tailors and overall the downtrodden segment of the society.  

Alongside these inter and intra-regional proceedings, we are going to embrace further serious and undeniable threats. And the whole state machinery, private institutions, corporations, affluent people, elite class, and all non-government organizations should put their weight both financially as well as physically in the balance of the state, irrespective of party, sect, ethnic, lingual and provincial affiliation, because, the already hackneyed state entities would not tackle the situation solely. The first serious threat is the starting of the monsoon season in the homeland, which is already prognosticated by the meteorology department. And, will be followed by the dengue fever and would aggravate the already challenged and tampered system. The hospitals are crowded and would not be able to bear the burden of the dengue virus patients; therefore, it might become paramount government resentment.

To tackle the situation of the dengue fever and monsoon season, the national disaster management authority should work jointly with the meteorology and other state departments to impede diluvial situation by strengthening the levees, especially in the plain areas. For dengue fever, the unnecessary stagnant water should be desiccated and sprayed to eradicate the larva. To embellish the financial status of the repatriates and unemployed, the government should start the industries by making SOPs to impede the outbreak and run the wheel of the economy and stove of the impecunious. All the above actions should be taken promptly to bolster our socio-economic, socio-strategic and medico-social positions and give Pakistan a hegemonic role not only in the region but globally as well. 

The writer is a Ph.D scholar at Sun Yat-sen University, China. He can be contacted at:

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