HEC alerts students about fake news

Bureau Report

ISLAMABAD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has alerted the students and faculty members about the false information being circulated through WhatsApp and social media and advised that any information related to higher education may be verified from the HEC official website www.hec.gov.pk.

In a press release issued by the HEC administration it was stated that the HEC website had not been hacked by anyone. The fake information consisted simply of crude Photoshop images designed by some people pushing the anti-education agenda and circulated by them through their WhatsApp and social media accounts. These images pretended to be the screenshots of the HEC website, but they were just the manipulations of other downloaded content from the website.

In was further stated in the press release that the basic aim of spreading fake news was just to advocate lowering of the educational standards in Pakistan e.g. by canceling exams, canceling all educational activities including online education, or disrupting admissions or the scholarship processes etc.

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