Budget declared anti-poor by QWP leader

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PESHAWAR: Dr Faiza Rasheed, a senior leader of the Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) has termed the current budget of the federal government as a fraud and said that despite the critical situation the government did not allocate enough funds for the basic sectors such as health and education and that is an alarming sign for the progress and development of the country.

QWP leader Dr Faiza Rasheed in a press statement issued on Sunday, said that although the ruling party had always been chanting slogans of the human development through health and education but the current fiscal budget had exposed them very clearly in front of the nation, adding that the present budget was a worst budget in the history of Pakistan and due to this unemployment, price hike and other economic problems would be increased.

She further stated that the present government had been criticizing the previous governments for corruption but if we compare it with them, one would see a marked difference, adding that health, education and welfare were not the priorities of the government, therefore, the nation should thoroughly note the anti-poor attitude and policies of the ruling party by not electing it for the next time.

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