GDP observes World Day Against Child Labour

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PESHAWAR: Group Development Pakistan (GDP) commemorated the World Day Against Child Labour and demanded the government to implement the Article 25-A of the Constitution in letter and spirit that would enable every child to get free education.

Imran Takkar, Project Coordinator, GDP, while commenting on the importance of World Day Against Child Labour, said that domestic child labour was one of the worst forms of human exploitation that unfortunately exists in the country in a big ratio, adding that despite the intensity of the situation, the federal and provincial governments had badly failed to respond to this matter properly.

He stated that there was a dire need for imposing an immediate ban on domestic child labour by including it in the list of banned professions and the ban must begin from the houses of government employees and parliamentarians first, adding that the government should conduct a comprehensive survey on domestic child labour and publish a report as soon as possible to know about the statistics of this situation.

GDP’s project coordinator further said that the issue of out of school children was another matter of great importance, presently; more than 20 million children in the country were not going to school, whereas around 10 million were employed in various professions, continuing that it is to be noted that amongst 10 houses in the posh areas of the big cities, at least 1 house has a child employed as a domestic labour which is a matter of big concern.

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